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As global markets experience record-breaking demand, shortages, and subsequent skyrocketing costs of raw materials (i.e., aluminum, copper, and nickel), manufacturers are experiencing an increasing inability to produce thousands of different machines, medications, and products of all sorts. In the refrigeration industry this means extremely limited availability on new units including ice machines, coolers, freezers, and HVAC units with systems being produced at a snail’s pace. This also means limited availability on major components such as compressors, evaporator coils, and condensers. Fortunately, when you shop at SPECS, we have a plan!

Our plan for navigating these challenges is to constantly be searching for machines and components that are readily available as well as working directly with our equipment distributors to get up-to-date information on lead times and if necessary, alternative options. We are also constantly searching for new reliable distributors to adding to our pool of options for parts and equipment. SPECS is also committed to keeping open lines of communication with our customers. We believe in transparency and keeping customers in the loop when it comes to unexpected delays and logistical issues that may be beyond our control. Giving you an accurate idea of your timeline for repair or installation is what gives SPECS the competitive edge.

Another tactic that has bolstered our efficiency is that our technicians are able to work directly with our equipment distributors while in the field to find and order parts for repairs on site. Our techs work with wide range of specialized distributors to find just the part you need and get parts shipped as quickly as possible. In the midst of the uncertainty, SPECS is continuing to provide top quality service and equipment sales. If you’re looking for service and support on the nation’s top equipment manufacturers, look no further than SPECS!

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