In nearly every city you visit, you will see a food truck or two. Food trucks have become the cutting edge of today’s culinary scene because they offer portability and mobility as well as the efficiency of a commercial kitchen. However, it is obvious that space within a food truck is limited compared to what you would find in a restaurant’s kitchen. Even so, it is vital that perishable ingredients are stored in food-safe temperatures in order to follow food safety regulations as well as maximize the amount of space you have for preparing food. Fortunately, SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, has many options for space-saving commercial grade refrigerators.


Some of these food-truck friendly refrigeration options include single door reach-in refrigerators, which provide the quality of a standard commercial refrigerator without the large size; undercounter refrigerators, which fit beneath standard food truck counters to keep commonly used ingredients within reach of cooks; refrigerated pizza, salad, or sandwich prep tables, which feature both refrigerated ingredient compartments on top in addition to a cutting board, and refrigerated storage space beneath; and worktop refrigerators, which are equipped with countertops themselves and are moveable to allow for cleaning.


Bear in mind, these products also require the normal maintenance that your regular commercial refrigerators require. SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, offers food truck refrigerator maintenance and care, including the following preventative maintenance:

  • Cleaning condenser coils – Cleaning your condenser coils allows your refrigerator to perform at its peak efficiency and extends the life of it as well. Dirty condenser coils can cause condenser failure, which is a pricey repair.
  • Checking and cleaning door gaskets – Not only is a poor seal around your refrigerator doors detrimental to the unit, but it also allows bacteria to grow in gaps and when food gets stuck on the rubber.
  • Checking door hinges and latches – If your unit’s doors and latches don’t work properly, you could lose hundreds of dollars in food due to unsafe temperatures and ensure that your unit does not perform as long or as well as it should. Making sure the doors close and latch properly is vital to food truck refrigeration units.
  • Clearing and repairing drain lines – Clearing out drain lines regularly will ensure that your unit functions at its peak efficiency. While you can clean your own drain line, it is best to have a service technician do so using specialized equipment.


In addition to these maintenance tasks, SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock has qualified technicians who can also:

  • Check overall compressor operation
  • Check control wiring and electrical connections
  • Check suction line insulation
  • Check levels of refrigerant
  • Check oil levels
  • Test thermometer
  • Pressure clean drain lines
  • Check fan motors and blades


SPECS Refrigeration knows that choosing the right equipment, putting the right amount of care into that equipment, and calling the right service technicians to keep it running are all great ways to put your food truck venture ahead of the pack and get your culinary creations into the minds, and mouths, of gastronomes near and far. 

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