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It may seem backwards to what your refrigerator is supposed to do, but did you know that your refrigeration system needs to run a defrost cycle? If you occasionally hear a humming noise from your refrigerator, you likely do not need to be alarmed! Your refrigerator is probably doing exactly what it is supposed to do: running a defrost cycle.


Refrigerators and freezers are equipped to run defrost cycles with different defrost control systems. These defrost cycles, usually through either a timed off-cycle defrost or an electric defrost that utilizes heater elements, regularly remove frost that builds up in your freezer to ensure that the food is frozen at an ideal temperature. This helps to keep your food tasting the way it is supposed to and prevent things like freezer burn. Without a defrost cycle, your refrigeration system would eventually frost over your evaporator coils, which leads to less cold air being pushed into the freezer. The result would be a warmer freezer and compromised food that is unsafe and does not taste good. Extreme frost build up can also lead to a total failure of your freezer over time.


Commercial freezers have an automatic defrost system that runs a defrost cycle when the heating component on the evaporator coil is actuated. This means that the coil heats to melt any accumulated frost and ice so that the evaporator is able to continue its optimal heat absorption, which allows it to properly cool the freezer cabinet. These defrost cycles are absolutely essential for the function of your commercial freezer!


If you have noticed that your commercial refrigerator or freezer has a build up of frost on the coils or seems to not be running well, give SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas a call. We are on standby waiting to help make sure that your refrigeration system is operating at its full capability!

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