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If you have tried to order an appliance of basically any kind recently, you have likely encountered shipping delays that range from a couple weeks to months. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle, furniture, a washer and dryer, or things such as refrigerators, you may be having difficulty getting the specific items you need. Like many other things over the past year and then some, there is something to blame for these delays: the coronavirus. The pandemic has created delays in receiving your appliance as well as the shortage. With people staying home and factories having to follow pandemic protocols, including smaller crews and quarantine procedures, coupled with shortages in components and raw materials, the demand for these things has begun to far outgrow their production and supply. The lack of supply is also driving price increases on many goods and materials.

Factories are behind and demand far exceeds supply right now on residential and commercial air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, reach-ins, walk-in cooler/freezer equipment, and ice machines. SPECS Refrigeration would like to remind our customers that if you are building a new restaurant or any new building that uses any of that type of equipment, or if you are thinking of replacing or upgrading any of the equipment in your business or the air conditioning unit in your home, you should anticipate delays and place your order as soon as possible. These delays are not just affecting local businesses. Big names like Lowe’s and Home Depot are out of stock on these items and have massive delays as well. Wait times are running anywhere from two to four weeks, all the way up to 16 weeks for some new equipment.

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