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As we approach the summer months and inevitably the summer heat, few things are more miserable than having an air conditioner that isn’t running at its capacity, is working too hard and raising your energy bills, or is flat-out broken. Not only can a broken or inefficient air conditioner make you hot and miserable inside your home, it can also make your monthly energy bills exorbitant without anything to really show for it! Those in the HVAC business are always busy in the summer months, and SPECS Refrigeration, Heating & Air is here to give you some tips that will ensure that you are kept cool and your energy bills are kept as low as possible this year and may even help you to avoid a costly service call.


  1. First and foremost, your air filters should be changed regularly. A dirty filter means that your air conditioner is not running as efficiently as it should be and is having to run longer to cool the space inside your home, which increases your energy cost. The most common types of air filters used in homes typically do not last more than two or three months. This means that unless you have very recently replaced your filters, you should do so before the summer heat picks up in order to keep your system running efficiently, your costs low, and your house cool!
  2. While it may seem smart or even efficient to block off vents in rooms that are not in use as much or do not need as much air flow, do not block off any vents in your house. A unit is designed for a certain amount of air flow. If the air flow is restricted, it can cause a strain on the blower motor and could even cause your unit to freeze up and stop cooling altogether.
  3. Keep the area around the outdoor unit free of debris.  If your outdoor unit cannot breathe, it could cause catastrophic damage.
  4. Keep the “blanket” over the home.  Your unit has to combat air infiltration from the outdoors.  Ensure your windows and exterior doors have good weatherstripping.  Make sure your attic is well insulated.
  5. Have a licensed and trained technician perform bi-annual maintenance and service on your unit.  This service should be performed so as to keep your unit running as safely and as efficiently as possible.
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