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Ice is a staple in the United States. We use it to keep our drinks cool, maintain temperatures of food (such as meats and seafoods you see on ice at grocery stores), and to help prepare some foods. For these reasons and more, it is important to ensure that your ice machine is running in good condition at all times. In the same way you change air filters in your home’s HVAC system, switch out lightbulbs when they stop working, and clean your drains to keep them working properly, your commercial ice machine should be regularly serviced and maintained in order to ensure that it is running the way it should.

If your ice machine seems to not be working the way it is supposed to, SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, has a few tips for things you can check before you call for service:

  • Check to see if the machine has power. If your machine has been accidentally unplugged or has lost power for some reason, such as a power outage to the building, you may want to try restoring power before you call for service.
  • Try resetting it. When ice machines stop producing ice it is often due to the controller sensing an error and shutting down the machine on a safety to protect the machine. If the water or power to your machine has been interrupted or intermittent, your machine will probably shut off due to a water or power safety. Many times your machine will run normally with a simple reset once these issues have been corrected.
  • Clean or replace the air filter as needed. Ice machines are either air-cooled or water-cooled, and because most commercial ice machines are air-cooled, the air filter can easily become clogged from dust, dirt, and particles in the air. If your air filter becomes clogged, it can cause heat to build up may lead to extensive damage as well as an increase in the cost of operating the machine. The mesh air filters that come with most ice machines are serviceable and reusable. Cleaning the air filter monthly will help to keep your ice machine running efficiently and ensure that you don’t have a much more expensive repair down the road.
  • Clean the condenser coil behind the filter. The air filter doesn’t prevent the condenser coil from getting dirty, it just slows down the process. At least twice per year the condenser coil itself should be brushed clean and then vacuumed off or blown out with compressed air. If the coil is unusually dirty or has greasy buildup, we recommend you call your service provider to do a professional coil cleaning with the proper cleaning chemicals. SPECS Refrigeration carries all the right tools and chemicals to clean your commercial ice machine thoroughly and correctly.
  • Change your water filter. The water in Lubbock and the South Plains is extremely hard, and hard water is problematic in ice machines. Hard water does more than make your ice taste strange — minerals such as limescale can build up on the components inside of your ice machine, which can completely destroy it if the minerals are not removed in a timely manner. Changing your water filter will not only make your ice taste better, but it will also keep your ice machine in good condition by removing much of the limescale from the water supply. If you have a water filter that has not been changed in awhile, your filter may have become restricted and will allow little or no water flow to your ice machine. Changing the water filter can correct this.
  • Inspect your machine. If you see heavy mineral buildup, oily deposits, metal corrosion, loose wiring connections or your machine doesn’t sound like it’s running properly, this could indicate a problem. If this is the case, you will probably want to call a service provider so your machine can be serviced and repaired by a trained technician. Call SPECS Refrigeration to get a trained technician to come inspect your machine and correct any potential problems with your ice making equipment.

SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, is a full-service commercial refrigeration company. For all of your refrigeration and ice machine needs, including ice machine sales, service, and leasing, call SPECS today!

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