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As a Biomedical Equipment Technician for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I handle most of the equipment failures we have here without outside assistance, so when I reach out to SPECS, it’s because I have a very significant problem. Low temp freezers with cascade refrigerant circuits are difficult to troubleshoot and repair. Compressor replacements are especially tricky in these systems, and that’s usually what I hire SPECS for. Darwin and his team have helped me on numerous occasions with compressor replacements on our low temp freezers. I have found the SPECS team is very attentive to detail and is very good at addressing my questions and concerns. I think of SPECS as a partner and not just technicians. They care as much as I do about the results of our projects and repairs, and it shows in the efforts that Darwin and his team bring to our facility. I’ve had good success with these folks, I think you will too.

Brian Denison
Biomedical Equipment Technician

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